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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's some of the stuff that you ask:

  • How pretty is that?
    • <blush> WAY pretty!
  • How come I can't get all your products online?
    • Some sell out fast. Others, like Grafeetie and U-Turn, are one-of-a-kind and don't always represent their beauty well online. Quite frankly, you need to see them in person.
      Look for those in person at trade shows, trunk shows, and shops that stock Left Coast DyeWorks.
  • What's the difference between Grafeetie and U-Turn?
    • Thanks for asking! Really, they are the same base yarn dyed differently. Both are sorta gradient-y with undertones and dappled speckles of colors that change as your project is worked. Grafeetie will go through 7-17 colors from one end to the other, and U-Turn will stop halfway through and reverse the color pattern.
  • How do I get matching-ish socks from U-Turn?
    • Doesn't matter if you're a Top-Downer or Toe-Upper! Wind the yarn into a cake and then there's two ways:
      1. Knit two at a time pulling from both the inside and the outside.
      2. Knit one sock until half of the yarn is used up (about 50 grams on your kitchen scale) then knit the other sock from the other end.
        (Some knitters prefer to rewind the second half before starting the second sock)
  • Wait! Can't I knit socks with Grafeetie? Or a shawl with U-Turn?
    • Of course - silly of us to suggest otherwise! And both of them pair wonderfully with Fade Out!
  • Why do some of your yarns seem really expensive?
    • Some, like Quad and Kiddo, are a really big put up.and have way more yardage than you're probably used to seeing. That means that you can buy fewer skeins and the overall project cost is actually less.
    • Some like  Grafeetie, U-Turn, and Fade Out are dyed with special techniques that mean there is an extra amount of work behind the scenes.
  • I need more than you have in stock!
    • You have great taste! Please get in touch with us and we'll do our best to get your special order going!
  • What's with the colors that have a "TS" in the name?
    • Internally these are "Test Skeins"  While they didn't get into our production line, they are still beautiful and need a home - think of them as "Too Special"!